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Roll and Sheet Paper

Description   Part No
Ink Cartridge (BK) CARTRIDGE, BK, D, 500, N   H086075-00-
Ink Cartridge (C) CARTRIDGE, C, D, 500, N   H086076-00-
Ink Cartridge (M) CARTRIDGE, M, D, 500, N   H086077-00-
Ink Cartridge (Y) CARTRIDGE, Y, D, 500, N   H086078-00-
Roll Paper (Glossy) 89MM 89mm×100m×4   H073182-00-
Roll Paper (Glossy) 102MM 102mm×100m×4   H073144-00-
Roll Paper (Glossy) 127MM 127mm×100m×4   H073128-00-
Roll Paper (Glossy) 152MM 152mm×100m×4   H073129-00-
Roll Paper (Glossy) 203MM 203mm×100m×2   H073130-00-
Roll Paper (Glossy) 254MM 254mm×100m×2   H073131-00-
Roll Paper (Glossy) 279MM 279mm×100m×2   H073183-00-
Roll Paper (Glossy) 305MM 305mm×100m×2   H073184-00-
Roll Paper (Semi-Glossy) 89MM 89mm×100m×4   H073185-00-
Roll Paper (Semi-Glossy) 89MM 89mm×100m×4   H073144-00- 
Roll Paper (Semi-Glossy) 102MM 102mm×100m×4   H073145-00-
Roll Paper (Semi-Glossy) 127MM 127mm×100m×4   H073132-00-
Roll Paper (Semi-Glossy) 152MM 152mm×100m×4   H073133-00-
Roll Paper (Semi-Glossy) 203MM 203mm×100m×2   H073134-00-
Roll Paper (Semi-Glossy) 254MM 203mm×100m×2   H073135-00-
Roll Paper (Semi-Glossy) 279MM 279mm×100m×2   H073186-00-
Roll Paper (Semi-Glossy) 305MM 305mm×100m×2   H073187-00-
Sheet Paper (Glossy) A4    
210mm×307mm(200sheets)   H073140-00-
Sheet Paper (Glossy) 8x10    
203mm×264mm(200sheets)   H073141-00-
Sheet Paper (Semi-Glossy) A4    
210mm×307mm(200sheets)   H073142-00-
Sheet Paper (Semi-Glossy) 8x10    
203mm×264mm(200sheets)   H073143-00-
2Sided Sheet Paper(203x213,thin, sg, hg)    
203mm×213mm(200sheets)   H073173-00-
2Sided Sheet Paper(254x213,thin, sg, hg)    
254mm×213mm(200sheets)   H073174-00-
2Sided Sheet Paper(210x307,thin, sg, hg)    
210mm×307mm(200sheets)   H073175-00-
2Sided Sheet Paper(305x315,thin, sg, hg)    
305mm×315mm(100sheets)   H073192-00-
2Sided Sheet Paper(279x226,thin, sg, hg)    
279mm×226mm(200sheets)   H073194-00-
2Sided Sheet Paper(210x307,thick, sg, hg)    
210mm×307mm(200sheets)   H073179-00-
2Sided Sheet Paper(279x226,thick, sg, hg)    
279mm×226mm(200sheets)   H073196-00-
2Sided Folded Paper(254x188,thick, sg, hg)    
254mm×188mm(200sheets)   H073181-00-
Sheet Paper(254x442, Photo Book cover)    
254mm×442mm(200sheets)   H073165-00-
Sheet Paper(254x620, Photo Book cover)    
254mm×620mm(200sheets)   H073170-00-
Sheet Paper(305x635, Photo Book cover)    
305mm×635mm(100sheets)   H073193-00-

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