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Khoshrou Enterprises International - About Us

About us

Khoshrou Enterprises International can supplies all of your demands in the field of photography and photofinishing industry from A-Z such a:

  • Brand new and Used Noritsu , Durst, Chromira, Konica - Fuji ,Fujimoto digital minilabs
  • spare parts,laser guns,lamp,pcb for Noritsu minilabs
  • Photo Album making machine and wedding photography
  • 3d TV without glasses
  • Photo chemicals
  • Photo paper Fuji and Lucky
  • minilab supplies ,lamps and filters
  • online trobule shooting services
  • upgrade your analogue minilabs to Digital technoclaoy using DCPU LED engines
  • repair and fixing your laser engines , red green blue laser guns
  • spare parts for fujimoto minilabs
  • brand new spare parts for Konica R1 - R2 digital minilabs
  • Photo book makers for wedding Photography

Building business in Iran
Internet has opened new doors for Khoshrou Enterprises

Majid Khoshrou, managing director of Khoshrou Enterprises, Mashhad, Iran, has a love of technology, which has fueled the growth of his business. The Internet and e-mail have put him in contact with suppliers and customers around the world. Khoshrou Enterprises supplies businesses with minilabs and accessories, and also supports 12 minilabs in Iran. Khoshrou found one supplier – located in Hong Kong – via the Internet and made a deal electronically. "It was great for us, and it saved us the trip," he said. "We couldn’t do business without it.

"Using e-mail, we’re also supplying our clients with information. It’s a revolution for us. Imagine how long it would take to send a fax to 100 people." The expanded business, however, has translated to many long days for Khoshrou, who typically works from 8:00 a.m. until 10:00 or 11:00 p.m.

"I can’t use the Internet at work properly, so I go home and use my laptop, and the work really begins. I’ll surf and surf," he said. E-mail came in handy on a recent trip to Hong Kong and China, where Khoshrou received updates on happenings at home. The company imports items from many areas, including Europe, the United States, Japan, China and Hong Kong. It’s a family business that dates back 40 years, although Khoshrou has been running the supply side of the business for 10 years. He recently joined PMA to keep up on the latest technology and industry trends. The company offers a complete package for the new minilab owner, from equipment to tips and assistance on decorating the store. "We give logos and tell them what they need, what items they should purchase, or what they need to order."

The company offers new minilabs from China and is the sole supplier in the area for Shanghai Sophia Electron Machinery. In 1998, the company equipped about 25 minilabs in Iran.

"We created 25 jobs for people who wanted to have them," Khoshrou said. "If you multiply that by four people, at least, to help run the store -- that means 100 new people are engaged in the businesses you created for them." The company’s customers are located in Iran, the "northern neighbors" of Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan (formerly Turkmenia), and a few small photo shops and minilabs in Afghanistan. Growth has been rapid – as of 3 years ago, the company was only supplying eastern Iran. The business got its start nearly 40 years ago by Khoshrou’s father, Asghar Khoshrou, who lived in Mashhad, but moved to Tehran, where he learned how to produce color pictures.

"He was the first person to bring color photography back (to Mashhad)," Khoshrou said. "At that time it was a revolution, because most color pictures they were using were hand paintings." He opened three small labs, not much bigger than a bathroom. As time passed, he purchased more shops and eventually brought the total to its current number of 12, which operate under different names. The family split that business from the supply side 10 years ago. Due to the country’s import/export regulations, however, Khoshrou Enterprises handles many types of businesses. "We need to export some fundamental materials like food items and carpets, because we need the hard currency for importation," Khoshrou said. "We cannot import whatever we want. We must first be an exporter. We prefer to do our own exporting directly, and then our importing directly."

The company makes educating the customer a key component of business. "For example, if I want to sell a digital printer to somebody, he must be oriented about digital. Therefore, we will arrange group tours to take them to different shows." The customer then learns about the new technology and, often times, Khoshrou will make the sale. Digital products and processes are relatively new in Iran. About 50 percent of the labs currently process EP2, and RA4 is relatively new, he said.

"If you want to compare it, we have about 80 percent of what they have in the United States," Khoshrou said. While digital is popular for many reasons, price keeps it from most consumers, although it is beginning to gain a following. Inkjet printers also are catching on, and Khoshrou said about 60 percent of the customers are happy with the results of inkjet printers. To meet customers’ demands, the company puts together its own package of a digital camera, computer and inkjet photo printer. Although Iran is behind other countries, it’s never too far behind.

"I have gone through the records from about 20 years ago; and when the latest technology was launched in the States, Europe and Japan, later it was in Iran. The coming of new technology was delayed one year, but it did come eventually," he said.

Khoshrou points out digital is not even the rule yet in the United States. "Once you can say, for example, 90 percent of the States are using digital, by 1 year’s time, Iran will be one of them." As digital decreases in price, it will gain popularity in Iran. "The people are eager to have the latest and the finest technology. If it happens in the States and Europe, be sure it will happen in Iran." Khoshrou said he wants to make sure his company plays an instrumental role in bringing the technology to Iran. "We are one of the pioneers. We can import this technology, because we have good contacts. The items may be second-hand at the moment; but if we get good prices, we are going to be the first people to import this technology."

Khoshrou Enterprises International with a back ground of over 50 years activity in the field of import and distribution of Photography and Photofinishing equipment &Machineries , also equipping Color printing Laboratories to Automatic Labs, in Iran and other regional countries is one of famouse association active in Photo Industry.

The founder of this Enterprises is Mr.Asghar (Abbass) Khoshrou.

, who lived in Mashhad, but moved to Tehran, where he learned how to produce color pictures.

"He was the first person to bring color photography back to Mashhad and Khorasan Province,At that time it was a revolution, because most color pictures they were using were hand paintings.the Darkroom and labs were not much bigger than a bathroom size

Meantime we have the honor to introduce ourselves as the second generation of this family , our main target is to introduce the innovation of the Digital Photography&Photofinishing Industry based on the world current knowledge to interested Photographers, Lab Owners, Artists.

Considering the incredible speed and domination of this industry by Digital Technology ( as daily improvements) ,KEI has done his best to obtain this Information and Data Transfer by taking part in Most Major Photography events from 1986 until now, as an Exhibitor or Visitor round the world including Japan (Lab systems show), Germany(Photo Kina) , USA(PMA Orlando and Las Vegas),China( Photo Ima and Beijing Photo show) ,Hong Kong and UAE.

One of the Most successful participation was Photo Kina 2002 in Cologne , Germany

We have always tried to reflect the latest improvement of this Industry in the world by Importing the latest Photofinishing equipment & apparatuses in the both filed of Optical and Digital and distributing among interested artists and Photography leaders in the region.

KHOSHROU ENTERPRISES INTERNATIONAL , has been recognized as a Productive,Industrial, Educational and Trading Enterprises by official REGIONAL organizations, due to the lack of equivalent phrase in Persian language for this sort of activities , In Iran it is called (KHOSHROU TRADING).

Our Main activities are :

  • Re-Manufacturing & refurbishing of Digital&Optical Minilabs.
  • Design and production of new Photofinishing apparatuses, such as PCB Boards.
  • Design and production of Photography and Photofinishing software.
  • Organizing of Foreign outgoing Photo related Exhibitions in order to upgrade the level of Digitalgraphy knowledge.
  • Arranging Educational and practical Seminars for the new products which are released in the world market.
  • Production of spare parts , rollers,key pad sheets,hoses,belts, gears, sprockets for some Minilabs

Following up the above activities KEI is one of the most active member of Photo Marketing Association International in Jackson, USA,It goes without saying that we could import the first Digital Minilab capable of printing 12x18 Digital prints on Silver Halide paper for the first time at 2000 in Iran and the Holy city of Mashhad, neighboring Shrine of Imam Reza( This Year by Chinese Astrology is called YEAR OF DRAGON!!)

KEI by its hard activities in research plans succeeded to get its Production license for Mass Printing Industrial Images from (Minstery of Industries & Mines )No:55249 Dated:2/11/1380.

And second license under registration No: 2/15443 in the filed of Producing and assembling of Photo processors & Digital Photofinishing apparatuses two years latter at 16/4/82 .

As an Iranian Enterprises it is an honor for us that a summary of our activities has been reflected in the September 1999 edition of PMAI Magazine.

Our Refurbishing plant which is located in Sento Road,Mashhad , Iran is one of the most famous refurbishing facilities in Middle East,

The procedure begins by transferring minilabs from their origins in Japan, Northern America, European Hong Kong to our Plant in Mainland, after being checked by our Technicians the probable damaged parts would be sent to our Engineering department in this section all PCB Boards by using High tech tools would be re-checked and fixed upon the Electric and Electronically drawings of the Main manufacturers .

re assembling will continue by water and Chemical Test and could be finished by Monitor calibrations tests, at this stage the Remanufacturing is done and the minilabs will be sent to

Packing Department which is an in house unit.

Considering the expert Engineering knowledge in Iran and our workshop some Major supplier of minilabs in above mentioned countries ,prefer to send their equipments in the shape of( AS IS ) and mass quantity to our facility and after the process of remanufacturing ,re-export them to the neighboring countries, this will save both transport charges and costs and increase in profit for retail business of Minilab buyers.

This activity due to its unique characteristic is a profitable line of business for our country and same time will create a lot of Job opportunities for Highly educated individuals and Normal Labor power as well.

KEI as one of the members of PHOTO MARKETING ASSOCIATION INTERNATIONAL is one of the pioneers of E-Trade in the Area as by accepting Electronic Credit cards such as Master card, Visa, Diners could motivate the E-Trade among its international customers.

Not only the trading part was the main goal of KEI but Educational and Training classes was another Agenda in its profile as so far we have sent a lot of interested technicians, Lab owners, Artists,Engineers,Amateur and Professional Photographers to foreign countries such as German, Italy,China, Japan, South Korea and UAE for training purposes based on scholar ship plans, this investment showed its affect by elevation of Technical knowledge of this Industry member and Technical team of KHOSHROU ENTERPRISES INTERNATIONAL,some of the told activities are completely unique among Middle East countries.