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Frontier SP 3000

Frontier SP3000 film scanner

  • Driven by Fujifilms new MS minilab software with Image IntelligenceTMadvanced image processing
  • Facial expression enhancement, hyper-tone processing, hyper sharpening tools
  • Automatic red eye removal
  • Automatic dust and scratch removal for all CN process film types
  • Automatic carrier for colour, black and white and positive films aps & 35mm
  • Multi format carrier MFC10AY for 110,APS,135F,135P,120/220 (6x45,6x6,6x7,6x8,6x9), 135 mounted slide.
  • Up to 8x pixel shifting scanning for high definition file creation up to 54mg
  • LED light source
  • Compatible with Frontier 710, 770, Dry Minilab 410 minilabs

Khoshrou Enterprises International - Products - Frontier SP 3000