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Frontier 370

Part of the Frontier Family of Digital Lab Systems. The Frontier 370 offers up to 1,450 4 x 6 prints per hour and a maximum paper width of 10 inches. This high-capacity digital mini-lab delivers exceptional levels of print quality, convenience, and speed. It's designed to work seamlessly with the Fuji film Aladdin Digital Picture Center, to provide a full range of photographic services.


Incredibly Fast Printing 1,550 3R prints per hour 1,450 4R prints per hour Accepts a Wide Range of Sources Traditional silver halide materials CD-ROMS, PC cards, and other digital media High-Capacity SP-2000 Scanner/Image Processor Combines 3 hi-res CCDs to for accurate scanning Scans negative and reversal films in many formats Provides revolutionary print quality at high speeds LP-2000 Laser Printer/Paper Processor Minimizes flare Maintains optimum sharpness Virtually eliminates color contamination Ensures smooth, accurate color gradations Hyper-Tone Image Processing Performs advanced custom-printing functions Hyper-Sharpness Image Processing Compensates for film grain New, Simplified Chemical System CP-48S Environmentally friendly Combines multiple cartridges into one package

Offers "one-touch" replenishing

Khoshrou Enterprises International - Products - Frontier 370