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Frontier 330

Fujifilm’s advanced digital technology has helped to bring the success of Frontier Minilab series worldwide. Innovative technology was also a vital factor in reducing the size of the minilab, enabling a compact configuration that’s ideally suited to in-store production. And now the Frontier 330, the smallest of the Frontier series, provides full-digital image quality from a super-compact body. Its super-compact footprint will fit in spaces as small as 1.2 square meters, roughly half the size of the Frontier 350 model.

  • Fujifilm's propietary Scratch and Dust Elimination
  • Film defects are pinpointed and eliminated to provide exceptionally high quality prints
  • Hyper-Tone Image Processing Automatically performs density adjustments for high contrast or overaly backlit scenes
  • Hyper Sharpness Image Processing Creates crisper photos with improved edge definition of objects, shadows, and colors
  • Grain Control Processing
  • Grainy photos are compensated with the grain reduction and sharpening function
  • Perfect one-channel print system
  • Automatically detects size and type of film being processed
  • Cross-over rack auto cleaning
  • Reduces the labor to manually clean the cross-over racks to once a week instead of everyday
  • One touch chemical replenishment
  • Environmentally friendly system that combines multiple cartridges into one package
  • Advanced Digital Technology

650 3R prints per hour
570 4R prints per hour

Khoshrou Enterprises International - Products - Frontier 330