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Controller for Shinko Color Stream CS2 printer

Portrait and event photographers have a growing need for instant lab quality prints and the Shinko Sinfonia Color Stream CS2 and the Sinfonia Digital Controller are the perfect solution for this growing need.

  The Sinfonia Controller is a compact Order Station for the Sinfonia Color Stream CS2 enables the user to print photos and ID photos without a PC. The Sinfonia Controller has a 7 touch screen for viewing and selecting photos from the SD, CF, USB reader onboard the unit. The Shinko Sinfonia Color Stream CS2 printer, a fast, affordable, portable printer that produces the highest quality prints in less than 11 seconds, this makes this combination a perfect solution for every on-site photographer.
Shinko Sinfonia Controller Stream CS2 Specifications
Display: 7 LCD, Resistance Touch Screen
Card Readers: SD/SDHC, CF, USB


Powert: AC 100-240V 50/60HZ
Dimensions: 8.8 (W) x 5.4 (H) x 6.0 (D)

Khoshrou Enterprises International - Products - Controller for Shinko Color Stream CS2 printer